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Research Projects

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Current Project

Women in the Victorian Film, Television and Related Industries

This research project investigates the quality of the working lives of Victorian women in the film, television and related industries (including digital media and games). Through a survey of 135 people working in the Victorian audiovisual industries (conducted in November 2010 and collated finally in the report released in 2012), this research examined the participation of women in these industries and has gathered data on areas such as: issues effecting women, the progress of women in various sectors, training, career pathways, employment security and mobility.

Read a summary of the survey here: WIFT SURVEY SNAPSHOT

Or download the complete survey here: WIFT FINAL SURVEY REPORT

Recent Press stories about this research:

Georgina Pearson, ‘Women in the Screen Industry: A woman’s work is never done’
Encore Magazine, 23 March 2011

and previously in Encore ‘Gender survey seeks participants to promote change’: 

Related links

Screen Australia (2006), Proportion of men and women employed in various occupations in selected audiovisual industries, 1996–2006: statistics compiled by Screen Australia primarily from unpublished data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics:


In 2009 Lisa French acted as a consultant to Australia’s premier institution for screen and digital culture, ACMI. She was appointed as a consultant to ‘expert check’ material for a new exhibition at the preeminent national institution for screen culture exhibition, the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI). This was for their most prominent permanent exhibition, and a showcase of their leadership in the field. Other consultants and curators include international experts and this evidences her ‘expert’ status in the field.

PhD Project:
Centering the female: the articulation of female experience in the films of Jane Campion, RMIT, 2007.
The aim of this thesis is to discover the vision of cinema embodied in Jane Campion’s feature films and to understand and explore the way in which her cinema articulates ‘female experience’. As a centrally feminist project the research therefore asks whether, and how, female experience can be aestheticized. The investigation is approached in relation to the following key question: Are the films of Jane Campion centrally preoccupied with a cinematic articulation of female experience? The question of female authorship is examined in order to discover the function and position of the woman director.

Selected past projects
Research Grants

I worked on a project titled Timescopes, developed with research grant by Dr David Crean. It explores the history of Australia through images and contains an extensive array of media images and footage of key events in Australian history. The material I Indeveloped (film study guides and contextual research) now exists as part of a site that suggests a range of multimedia teaching/learning pathways to extend and enrich social, cultural and historical analyses and understandings:

Practice: A Journal of Visual, Performing and Media Arts
In 1996 Lisa French founded Practice at Deakin University Melbourne. This was made possible by a grant from the Publications Committee, Faculty of Arts, Deakin University. Material included in Practice was refereed by a) an academic, b) someone from the media, or visual/performing arts. The editorial statement read:
This publication encompasses a range of areas which are not normally found together in one journal (Media & Visual Arts, Drama, Dance, Music and Arts and Entertainment). It is different to exhisting publications in that it is a refereed journal which also includes contemporary art.
Practice will provide an arena for artists, performers, academics, theorists and critics to debated and exhange ideas relating to historical, current and forthcoming concerns. Key objectives are to legitimise creative production research and to foster links between institutions and practitioners. Reviews  and artist pages were included in the journal; artist featured included Marcus Bergner, Callum Morton, Robyn Stacey and Andrew Hurle. Practice was produced until 1999 and can be found in libraries such as the State Library of Victoria.


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